top 5 interior designing company in delhi-ncr

Top 5 Interior Designing Company in Delhi-NCR

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In today’s Era, how your space looks from inside is equally important as how it looks from outside. Thus, people transform their spaces whether residential or commercial via interior design. A skilled interior designer has an ability to turn your apartment from normal to extraordinary by space maximization. Interior design is a continuously evolving process with thought changing designs. Moreover, every luxury home these days is well equipped with advanced interior design.

But some people get confused which interior designer should they employ to create a mesmerizing space that provides comfort. Before actually discussing the best interior designers, let’s have a look at why we need interior designers. An interior designer enhances the comfort as well mood of the client and creates a vibrant aura. Enhancing the worth of the property is another attached perk. Apart from these aesthetics and functionality are other things for our space that matter.

Top 5 interior designing company in Delhi-NCR

  1. Nail and Hammer Pvt. Ltd. : It is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about interior designing. Having a wide expertise in space management and interior decor, Nail and Hammer tops the list. Being a Delhi based interior designer, it has earned a great name in creating stunning spaces. Nail and Hammer is known for its creativity and keeping attention to fine details of the art. It has a great expertise in transforming residential and commercial spaces into enticing masterpieces. This interior designer in Delhi has a skilled team with lots of experience in turning the client’s vision into reality. Its core expertise lies in creating modular kitchens, wardrobe, salon and make-up studio. Moreover, it has also created interiors of cafes, restaurants and bakeries. The list is endless. Mr. Vikas Saxena’s clinic and grooming salon are some famous projects completed by it. When it comes to L-shaped and U-shaped modular kitchens, Nail and Hammer is the preferred choice of clients. This cost-effective interior designer has been a hit for many years due to its quick installation process.

Head Office: Sarai, Faridabad

Google Rating: 4.8/50 (95+ reviews)

2. The Little Big Co.: Being started in 2018 as a small venture, it has become a giant these days. It has grown rapidly and is known for its multiple projects completed so far. This interior designer has special expertise for creating funny styles and giving a decent appeal to clients. Its main specialization in DIY makes it special. Apart from these, the knowledge of different decor stuff makes it unique. If you want to employ an interior designer in low budget, it should come to your mind due to its affordable pricing.  Moreover, you can expect to create decent work spaces and living spaces with perfect aesthetics and visual appeal. So far it has gained a huge client base due to its working methodology. It installs modular kitchens that have a visual touch and is a part of client’s imagination. Using innovative and user-friendly ideas make it unique in the interior designing field.

Head Office: Delhi

Google Rating: 4.0/50 (16+ reviews)

3. Studio Gray: This is one of the best interior designers in Delhi-NCR due to its team of trustworthy designers. Known for love towards innovation, Studio Gray specializes in several aspects such as creating modular kitchens, office spaces etc. Its clients are generally recurring due to their fact, its extensive knowledge base of colors and textures make it ahead of others in the industry.  Its expert designers are not designers but are narrators of spaces. Imparting innovation and life to projects is its main feature. Studio Gray is regarded for the flawless execution of new designs with right approach. Apart from creating appealing spaces, it ensures that the overall aesthetics of home gets enhanced. This interior designer in Delhi maximizes the functionality of a particular space and creates an aura which appeals.

Head Office: Gurugram

Google Rating: 4.2/50 (50+ reviews)

4. Rama Interiors: Last but not the least is a renowned interior designer in Delhi-NCR is Rama interiors. Being started in 2009, it has developed a specific niche of themed interiors in the industry. The wonderful space creation by thus esteemed designer is due to its imaginative thought process. Moreover, the comfortable and functional designs that it creates is mesmerizing and enhances the looks of a space. It has delivered various wooden flooring projects and has earned a good name in this. People know its name due to its home decoration with colorful wallpapers. The design of customized touch with right texture and colors is it’s another feather of cap. So, to create a calming environment at your home or office, Rama interiors is the interior designer to be chosen. Utilizing every nook and corner of space and creating a compact design is something which makes it special. The overall efficiency of residential as well as commercial interiors get enhanced appeal.  Thus, you are assured to have high storage capacity with the services of this interior designer in low budget.

Head Office: Pitampura

Google Rating: 4.2/50 (25+ reviews)

5. Spaces Talk: It is another interior designer in Delhi-NCR recognized due to its customized interiors. Giving a personalized touch to the client’s imagination is its varying feature. Spaces talk has so far completed more than 500 projects for offices and retail units. Having more than 14 years in the interior design industry, it has contributed significantly in creating unique design. It is known for its affordability and flexibility. The high-quality materials used by the dedicated team is a class apart for visually appealing designs. One leading feature of Spaces Talk includes keeping the comfort of their clients in their minds. Both working spaces as well as living spaces demand innovation and this interior designer in Delhi is expert in doing so. Spaces Talk creates interiors that are easy to maintain and are budget friendly. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly interior designer, you must pay heed to it.

Head Office: Delhi

Google Rating: 4.9/50 (230+ reviews)

So, these are top 5 interior designers in Delhi-NCR known for their specific features. Now, it’s up to the client what he wants for his space to enhance its functionality and aesthetics. Keeping in view the above-mentioned interior designers, one can easily get into conclusion of choosing the desired one.