modular kitchen interior

What are the benefits of having a Modular Kitchen at home?

modular kitchen interior

What are the benefits of having a Modular Kitchen at home?

In this modern world, people and their thought process has changed a lot. Moreover, people have become advanced in every aspect ranging from household material to interior design. Isn’t it? You must have seen people have started using tiles outside their homes and installing decent interiors.

Apart from this people have revolutionised the functionality of their kitchens as well. People are installing modular kitchen design at their home due to its numerous advantages. Before exactly moving on the advantages, let’s understand what Modular kitchen is. A Modular kitchen design is simply a kitchen in which various storage modules are combined to create a single space. It means to organise kitchen cabinets, drawers, cupboards, cabinets, etc. to construct a single useful structure that ensures high storage.

Benefits of Modular kitchen:

1. High Storage: Who wants extra cluttering in the kitchen? Exactly, no one. Everyone wants their kitchen to be neat and clean with every accessory at its place. Modular kitchen cabinets design maximises the functionality and creates an environment which is clutter free. The compact design that your kitchen will get eventually enhances its efficiency. So, you will feel good to enter the kitchen due to its visual appeal. If you invest in a modular kitchen, you are ensured to have organised cabinet styles, units and other important accessories of the kitchen.

2. Cost-efficient: If you are a person who has budget constraints, you can still plan to install modular kitchen design ideas. As modular kitchens are economical and involve less time. You can expect a well constructed kitchen in less than a week and that too with minimum labour used. So, it’s a budget-friendly idea to enhance the aesthetics as well functionality of your kitchen.

3. Easy to maintain: Have you experienced that due to slip of a cutlery or any accessory, it causes wear and tear of slab. Thus, you need to invest for repairs which disturbs the financial budget. Thus is not the case with modular kitchen design as it is systematically arranged. You can easily clean and maintain it for the long term. Modular kitchens offer countertops and materials  that are stain resistant.

4. Customisation: You have an option to choose the colours, textures as well as materials for a modular kitchen. Giving it a personalised touch enhances its looks and makes it a centre of attention. You can easily customise it according to your needs and taste to make it stunning. One leasing advantage of modular kitchen interior design is that it fits for every home as well as aesthetics design. Apart from these, you can get several formats to choose from like L-shaped, Parallel, island, straight line, peninsula, etc. So, you have better control over design by choosing the variation according to your appeal.

5. Flexible: Modular kitchen design ideas are quite adaptable with time and thus you can change aesthetics anytime. These are so flexible that each time you can provide a new look to your kitchen. You just need to change the cupboards, cabinets, knobs and tiles to do so. So, these renovation-friendly kitchens have a great demand due to this advantage.

6.  Durable: If we talk about the durability of a Modular kitchen design, these last for several years. The high quality material and metals that are corrosion-resistant make it more appealing.


Installing a Modular kitchen at home is a sure shot way to enhance the look. This budget friendly kitchen model is in demand these days due to the discussed  leading advantages. So, when are you planning to have a decent Modular kitchen design at your home?


1. What are the must-have kitchen accessories in a Modular kitchen Interior design?

This question is quite genuine and comes to the mind of almost everyone. If you plan to have a Modular kitchen at home, it should include trays, baskets as well as double panel kitchen accessories. The trays will be used to organise cutleries as well as knives while baskets will organise utensils, pans and pots. Moreover, you can have a drawer for bottle pullout. A double panel tall unit will work as a pantry and will make the entire kitchen design compact.

2. Is it possible to fit a Modular kitchen interior design into a fixed platform?

A Modular kitchen design comprises drawers, cabinets, units and various accessories. In short the answer is yes but for betterment of your kitchen, you must consult your service provider. A good service provider like Nail and Hammer will help you out in achieving this feat.

3. Does a modular kitchen cabinets design come with a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, A modular kitchen comes with a replacement warranty in case of any defect. But it varies according to the manufacturer who instals this. On the contrary, there is no warranty when a defect is due to negligence of the owner. You need to check this out with the various service providers put there and read their terms.

4. How to maintain my modular kitchen design?

It is a normal query and is asked by various customers. You need to follow some steps to enhance the durability of your kitchen. The first thing is to remove any stain caused by an accident quickly with a clean cloth. Make sure that you don’t overload drawers and cabinets to maintain them for the long run. Using an abrasive material should be avoided at any cost to prevent discoloration and damage.

5. How costly are modular kitchen design ideas?

The cost of installation varies depending on the area, number as well as the units required. You need to get an estimate for the modular kitchen designs with price from your service provider. Moreover, the additional charges taken by service providers need to be taken care of. There are some budget friendly service providers like Nail and Hammer that charge by keeping economical conditions of customers in mind. So, there is no general answer for this question. But it comes in the budget of a middle class person.